January Musings


Jim putting on the sidewalls on house #3 in preparation for winter.

Head colds. Bah! It seems as though this winter is speeding by as I deal with brain fogs, sneezes, headaches, coughing fits, and a general sense of… bleh. This too shall pass. Soon. I hope. I seem to be smothered in a constant layer of essential oil elixirs on my neck, my feet, and my temples. Bone broth is simmering for day 3 in a crockpot, and I’m really not liking these zinc lozenges anymore. Seed catalogs are taunting me and I’ve got 3 Ziploc bags of soil sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to head out to a soil lab. The kids have every surface covered with Legos, dolls, science kits of perfumery, grow stations, half finished sewing projects, and guitar chord charts. We’ve tossed a few insulated tarps over the greenhouse to help hold in the heat for the next week while the temperature plummets. Hopefully the plants can handle the lower light levels while we attempt to slow down the eternal bleeding of the electric and propane bill. We’ve even got the dog plugged in (germination heat pads make great doghouse heaters). The outside cat has snuck into the basement to hibernate, and the farm cats refuse to leave their cat beds (the mice are having a celebrity New Years Party in the strawberries- I will have to evict them soon). But for now, I’m moving this website up to the top of the list, and will try to demonstrate to the world that we are still here, still thinking farm thoughts, and actually getting excited for a new year of plants, produce, and markets. But for now, I think I hear a cup of tea calling me. With lemon. And honey.


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