Week 7 6/5/12

On to the shares… this week, I need your help.  We are kind of at a slow spot in the garden, and I will be filling baskets with mostly ‘repeats’.  So, in order to make your basket as ‘good’ for you as possible… here’s your assignment.  Put the following veggies in order… favorite at the top, least favorite at the bottom.  I will fill your basket this week in order of your preference.  If I skip over something on your list, that just means that quantities were low.  Please return your selections by Tuesday 8pm, so I have Wednesday morning to pick and pack.  If I don’t hear from you- then I get to pick!  Quantities will vary, depending on availability, and share size.  …You can either number them (1 is favorite- higher numbers are less favorite) or cut and paste them into order- doesn’t matter to me.

Garlic- nice big bulbs- will be pulling this week, so not cured (use within 2 weeks)

potatoes- mix of small sizes

red candy onions- kind of small, but great on salads

yellow candy onions- getting big- takes about 2-4 to make a lb

white onions- getting big also- about 3-5 makes a lb

swiss chard- huge leaves- great spinach substitute

napa cabbage- stores exceptionally well (2 weeks+?)- use as salad, slaw, or stir fry

snow peas

sugar snap peas

english (snap or shell) peas

herb sampler- may include chives, thyme, dill, oregano, and chocolate mint

red beets

golden beets

kohlrabi- these are smaller now- crop almost gone

loose leaf, cut lettuce- leaves are getting LARGE, not so tender, will try to only cut non-bitter/less bitter)

kale bunches


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