Crop List

While not 100% accurate… it’s pretty darn close…  this does NOT include every perennial crop that we grow such as varieties of asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries.  And the tomato list is out of control.  We will only plan on planting about 80-100 varieties of tomatoes from the ones listed below.


Arugula Arugula
Bean, Bush Black Valentine
Bean, Bush Provider
Bean, Bush Jade
Bean, Bush Rocdor
Bean, Bush Royal Burgundy
Bean, Dry Black Coco
Bean, Dry Taylor Dwarf   Horticultural
Bean, Fava
Bean, pole Multicolored
Bean, Pole Kwintus
Bean, pole Kentucky Wonder
Bean, Soy Sayamusume
Bean, Yard   Long Orient Wonder
Beets 3 Root Grex
Beets Early Wonder Tall Top
Beets Touchstone Gold
Broccoli Fiesta
Broccoli Raab Spring Raab
Broccoli Raab
Broccoli,   chinese Ryokuho
Brussels   Sprouts Nautic
Cabbage Caraflex
Cabbage Wakamine
Cabbage,   chinese Maruba Santoh
Cabbage,   chinese Bilko
Carrot Atomic Red
Carrot Danvers
Carrot Nantes Fancy
Celery Kintsai
Chard, Swiss Golden
Chard, Swiss Fordhook Giant
Corn, baby Baby Bonus
Corn, Popcorn Japanese Hulless
Cover Crop Clover, Alsike
Cover Crop Clover, Berseem
Cover Crop Clover, Crimson
Cover Crop Clover, Hykon Rose
Cover Crop Clover, low growing   mix
Cover Crop Clover, O’Con.   Strawberry
Cover Crop Dryland Annual Clover   Mix
Cover Crop Low Grow Good Bug   Blend
Cover   Crop/Green Manure Buckwheat
Cover   Crop/Green Manure Oil Seed Radish
Cress Wrinkle Crinkled   Cress
Cucumber Little Leaf
Cucumber Poona Kheera
Cucumber Adam Gherkin
Cucumber Corinto
Cucumber Katrina
Cucumber   Slicer Marketmore 76
Cucumber, Am.   Pickler Northern Pickling
Cucumber,   Armenian Armenian, Painted   Serpent
Cucumber,   pickler Exelsior
Cucumber,   slicer HT Ministro
Eggplant Rosa Bianca
Eggplant Rosita
Eggplant Falcon
Eggplant Traviata
Flower Bulb mix
Flower Iris Mix
Flowers Ageratum, Dondo Blue
Flowers Ageratum, Red Sea
Flowers Ageratum, White   Bouquet
Flowers Bachelor Button Mix
Flowers Balloon Flower, Blue
Flowers Bells of Ireland
Flowers Columbine, Mrs Scott   Elit Mix
Flowers Larkspur, Giant Imp   Mixes
Flowers Monarda, Panorama Red   Shades
Flowers Poppy Ziar Breadseed
Flowers Utrecht Blue Spring   Wheat
Flowers Pumpkin on a Stick
Flowers Broom Corn Colored   Upright
Flowers Broom Corn Texas   Black
Flowers Cockscomb
Flowers Columbine, mix
Flowers Cutflower mix
Flowers Millet, Mixed
Flowers Misc. Perennials from   Mom’s garden
Flowers Nasturtium Whirlybird   Mix
Flowers Peony mix
Flowers Poppy Mix
Flowers Red Broom Corn
Flowers Sunflower, saved   seeds
Flowers Sweet Pea, Mixed
Flowers Zinnia, saved seeds
Garlic mixed garlic
Greens Mizspoona Salad   Select Gene Pool
Greens Pink Lettucy Mustard   Gene Pool
Greens Prize Choi, Pac Choi
Greens Ruby Streaks Mustard
Greens Prize Choi, Pac Choi
Greens HotShot Spicy Greens
Greens Ovations Greens Mix
Greens Ovations Greens Mix
Greens Ovations Greens Mix
Herb, Basil Sweet
Herb, Catmint
Herb, Catnip
Herb, Chives
Herb,   Chocolate Mint
Herb,   Cilantro Cilantro
Herb, Dill Dill
Herb, English   Thyme
Herb,   Lavender
Herb, Lemon   Balm
Herb, Lemon   Grass
Herb, Lemon   Thyme
Herb, Oregano
Herb, Parsley Dark Green Italian
Herb,   Peppermint
Herb,   Rosemary
Herb, Sage
Herb,   Spearmint
Kale Beedy’s Camden
Kale Red Russian
Kale White Russian
Kale Rainbow Lacinato
kohlrabi Korridor
Kohlrabi Purple Vienna
leek King Richard
leek King Sieg
Lettuce Anuenue
Lettuce Blushed Butter Oaks
Lettuce Cracoviensis
Lettuce Crisp Mint
Lettuce Des Morges Braun
Lettuce Forellenschluiss
Lettuce Italienisher Oakleaf
Lettuce Jericho
Lettuce Les Orielles Du   Diable
Lettuce Lingua Da Canarino
Lettuce Lollo Di Vino Cutting
Lettuce Red Iceberg
Lettuce Tango
Lettuce Winter Wonderland
Lettuce Crispino Green   Iceberg
Lettuce Nancy Green   Butterhead
Lettuce New Red Fire
Lettuce Ridgline Green   Romaine
Lettuce Two Star Green Grand   Rapids
Lettuce,   Chinese Stem
Lettuce, Cut Encore Mix
Lettuce, Head Freedom Lettuce Mix
Melon Ginkaku
Melon Hakucho
Melon Ichiba Kouji
Melon New Melon
Melon Crenshaw
Melon, Asian   cantaloupe Sun Jewel
Melon,   cantaloupe Golden Gopher
Melon,   cantaloupe Prescott Fond Blanc
Melon,   cantaloupe Serenade
Melon,   cantaloupe Serenade
Melon,   cantaloupe Tasty Bites,   cantaloupe
Melon, French   charentais Savor
Melon,   honeydew Arava
Melon, hybrid   cantaloupe Hannah’s Choice
Melon, musk Jenny Lind
Melon,   watermelon Blacktail Mountain
Melon,   watermelon Gold Flower
Melon,   watermelon Moon and Stars
Melon,   watermelon Orangeglo
Melon,   watermelon Sangria
Melon,   watermelon Sugar Baby
Melon,   watermelon Farmers Wonderful
Melon,   Watermelon Hime Kansen
Okra Cajun Jewel
Onion Walla Wala
Onion Deep Purple bunching
Onion mix old saved seed
Onion, red Red Cipollini
Onion,   scallion Evergreen Hardy White
Onion,   shallots Conservor
Onion, small   red Purplette
Onion, white Gladstone
Onion, Yellow New York Early
Onion, Yellow Yellow Cipollini
Parsnips Andover
Pea, Shoots Usui
Pears Tree planted by   previous Owner
Peas, shell Little Marvel Shell
Peas, shell Sprouting, pea shoots
Peas, snap Sugar Ann Snap
Peas, snow Oregon Giant Snow   Edible flat
Peas,snap Cascadia Snap
Pepper, Hot Czech Black
Pepper, Hot Hot Portugal
Pepper, Hot Early Jalapeno
Pepper, Hot Thai Dragon
Pepper, Hot Yatsufusa
Pepper, Hot   (mild) Black Hungarian
Pepper, Hot   chili MatchBox
Pepper, Hot   serrano Hidalgo serrano
Pepper, Hot   Thai Thai Hot
Pepper, Hot,   orange habanero Magnum Habanero
Pepper, Hot,   poblano Ancho
Pepper, Hot,   serrano mutation Fish
Pepper, Sweet Shishito
Pepper, Sweet Slim Pim
Pepper, sweet   Bell King of the North
Pepper, sweet   Bell Purple Beauty
Pepper, sweet   Brown taper Chocolate
Pepper, sweet   multi color Bell Iko Iko
Pepper, sweet   paprika Feherozon
Pepper, sweet   Pimento Tangerine Pimento
Pepper, sweet   pimento Topepo
Potatoes,   Irish saved from last year
Potatoes,   Irish 1 Austrian Crescent
Potatoes,   Irish 1 Bintje
Potatoes,   Irish 1 German Butterball
Potatoes,   Irish 1 Mountain Rose
Potatoes,   Irish 1 Purple Viking
Potatoes,   Irish 1 Sangre
Potatoes,   Irish 2 All Blue
Potatoes,   Irish 5 Yukon Gold
Potatoes,   Sweet saved from last year.   Beauregard
Pumpkin Winter Luxery Pie   Pumpkin
Pumpkins, c   max. 8lb Jarrahdale
Pumpkins, c   pepo 10 lb Young’s Beauty
Pumpkins, c   pepo 25 lb Howden
Pumpkins, c   pepo 4 lb New England Pie
Pumpkins, c   pepo 7 lb Winter Luxury
Radicchio Leonardo
Radish Misato Rose
Radish Misato Rose
Radish French Breakfast
Radish Valentine’s Day Mix
Radish Pink Beauty
Sesame Kingoma
Sesame Kurogoma
Sesame White Shirogoma
Spinach Regiment
Spinach Samish
Spinach Tyee
Squash,   Lebanese White Bush
Squash,   Spaghetti 1 Squisito
Squash,   Spaghetti 2 Pinnacle
Squash,   Summer Teot Put
Squash,   summer 1 Saffron
Squash,   summer 1 Y-Star Patty Pan
Squash,   summer 2 Zephyr yelo/grn end
Squash,   summer 2 G-Star Patty Pan
Squash,   winter Carnival Acorn
Squash,   winter Paydon Acorn
Squash,   winter Paydon Acorn
Squash,   winter Seminole
Squash,   winter Sibley, Banana
Squash,   winter Uncle David’s Dakota   Dessert, Buttercup
Squash,   winter Waltham Butternut
Squash,   winter Zeppelin   Delicata
Squash,   winter Black Forest
Squash,   winter Blue Ballet, Hubbard
Squash,   winter Tuffy Acorn
Squash,   winter Winter Sweet, Kabocha
Squash,   Winter Kabocha
Squash,   Winter Fairy
Squash,   winter Sweet Meat
Squash,   zucchini Dunja
Squash,   zucchini Eight Ball
Squash,   zucchini HT1 Dunja
Tomato Grandeur
Tomato Katana
Tomato Momotaro
Tomato Goliath
Tomato Abe Lincoln
Tomato Ace 55
Tomato Airyleaf
Tomato Amana Orange
Tomato Amish Paste
Tomato Amy’s Sugar Gem
Tomato Ananas Noire
Tomato Angora Super Sweet
Tomato Anna Russian
Tomato Argentina
Tomato Arkansas Marvel
Tomato Arkansas Traveler
Tomato Armenian
Tomato Atkinson
Tomato Aunt Ginny’s Purple
Tomato Aunt Lucy’s Italian   Paste
Tomato Austin’s Red Pear
Tomato Azoychka
Tomato Beefsteak Heirloom
Tomato Big Beef
Tomato Big Orange
Tomato Big Orange Stripe
Tomato Big Rainbow
Tomato Big Tiger
Tomato Big White Pink Stripe
Tomato Big Zebra
Tomato Black Cherry
Tomato Black Crimson or Krim
Tomato Black Ethipian
Tomato Black from Tula
Tomato Black Heirloom
Tomato Black Pear
Tomato Black Prince
Tomato Black Sea Man
Tomato Black Zebra
Tomato Blondkopfchen
Tomato Bloody Butcher
Tomato Blue Fruit
Tomato Bobbie
Tomato Brad’s Black Heart
Tomato Brandywine
Tomato Brandywine Purple
Tomato Brandywine, Heirloom
Tomato Brandywine, Red
Tomato Brandywine, Yellow
Tomato Brown Berry
Tomato Brunete
Tomato Bull’s Heart
Tomato Burraker’s Heirloom
Tomato Candy’s Old Yellow
Tomato Carbon
Tomato Carmello
Tomato Caro Rich
Tomato Cherokee Chocolate
Tomato Cherokee Green
Tomato Cherokee Purple
Tomato Chianti Rose
Tomato Chocolate Stripes
Tomato Chuck’s Yellow
Tomato Cindy’s West Virginia
Tomato cosmonaut Volkov
Tomato Costoluton Genovese
Tomato Crimson Fancy Hybrid
Tomato Crnkovic Yugoslavian
Tomato Csikos Botermo
Tomato Cuostralee
Tomato Dad’s Sunset
Tomato Dagma’s Perfection
Tomato Debarao
Tomato Delicious
Tomato Dixie Golden Giant
Tomato Dr. Carolyn
Tomato Dr. Lyle
Tomato Dr. Neal
Tomato Dr. Wyche’s Yellow
Tomato Earl of Edgecombe
Tomato Earliana
Tomato Early Annie
Tomato Edge of Edgecombe
Tomato Elmer’s Old German
Tomato Eva Purple Ball
Tomato Evergreen
Tomato Fargo
Tomato Fireworks
Tomato Florida Pink
Tomato Gardener’s Delight
Tomato German Giant
Tomato Giant 11
Tomato Giant Belqium
Tomato Gigantesque
Tomato Gill’s All Purpose
Tomato Gold Medal
Tomato Gold Medal
Tomato Gold Medal Yellow
Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Hawaiian Currant
Tomato Hazel Gold
Tomato Heinz
Tomato Hezhou
Tomato Holland
Tomato Homer Fike’s Yellow   Oxheart
Tomato Homestead 24
Tomato Ikli
Tomato Illini Star
Tomato Indian Stripe
Tomato Ispolin
Tomato Italian Tree
Tomato Jelly Bean
Tomato Jubilee
Tomato Julia Child
Tomato Kellogg’s Breakfast
Tomato Kimberly
Tomato Large Red
Tomato Lemony
Tomato Lilac Giant
Tomato Lollipop
Tomato Manitoba
Tomato Manyel
Tomato Marianna’s Peace
Tomato Marizol Red
Tomato Marvel Stripe
Tomato Mexico
Tomato Missouri Pink Love   Apple
Tomato Mom’s Paste
Tomato Mortgage Lifter
Tomato Mr. Brown
Tomato Mrs. Houseworth
Tomato Mule Team
Tomato Nebraska Wedding
Tomato New Big Dwarf
Tomato Nicholaevna Pink
Tomato Northern Delight
Tomato Oaxacan Jewel
Tomato Old Brooks
Tomato Orange Berry
Tomato Orange Paruche
Tomato Orange russian 117
Tomato Ox Heart
Tomato Paul Robeson
Tomato Peron Sprayless
Tomato Persimmon
Tomato Pink Ponderosa
Tomato Pink Sweet
Tomato Pride of Flanders
Tomato Pruden’s Purple
Tomato Purple Prince
Tomato Quali T 23
Tomato Red Cherry
Tomato Red Zebra
Tomato Reif Red Heart
Tomato Richardson
Tomato Riesentraube
Tomato Russian 117
Tomato Russian Big Roma
Tomato Russo Sicilian   Toggeta
Tomato Rutgers
Tomato Ruth’s Perfect
Tomato Sainte lucie
Tomato Salisaw Café
Tomato Schwarze Sarah
Tomato Sisters
Tomato Southern Night
Tomato Stump O the World
Tomato Stupice
Tomato Sunsets Red Horizon
Tomato Super Marmande
Tomato Super Sioux
Tomato Sweet Pea Currant
Tomato Tennessee Surprise
Tomato Vintage Wine
Tomato Wapsipinicon Peach
Tomato Watermelon Beefsteak
Tomato Zebra Rita
Tomato Zhezha
Tomato Zogola
Turnip Purple Top White   Globe
Turnip Golden Globe

2 thoughts on “Crop List

  1. I was wondering what things you were needing to join the CSA. I have some tomatoes you dont have.Would love to see your farm. I have 3 acres but am looking for more.

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