Week 8 6/13/12

This week’s shares…will PROBABLY be… some combination of… cucumbers, garlic, kale, (maybe broccoli- if not, then onions), sweet pickles or hot pepper pint, lettuce, beets.


The broccoli is ‘strong’- not great for eating raw- but could probably steam it/salt/pepper/butter/lemonjuice it.  It’s showing the stress of bug pressure- it’s been a buggy battle these last few weeks, and the broccoli is not holding up well under the onslaught.  You should have seen me Sunday.  Generator & vacumn.  Best way to combat blister beetles that I’ve seen.  Nasty things.  We may have to wait for better broccoli days at the end of the season.  Time will tell!


Green  beans are all budded up and loaded… cross your fingers- we’ll have beans in a few weeks.  The regular head cabbage is coming soon also.  Tomatoes are loaded, but green, and zucchini is growing fast.  IT’s coming!



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