Week 1: May 19, 2010

Full Share:  Lettuce, spinach, radishes, wild garlic, cut oregano, chinese broccoli, Microgreens

Partial Share:  Lettuce, radishes, wild garlic chinese broccoli, microgreens

Lettuce:  a mix of young lettuces

Spinach:  Actually the end of the first crop- hopefully the next is not far behind

Radishes:  this is a mix of several- may contain some French (very mild), but the rest could pack some ‘punch’

Wild Garlic:  Allium canadense.  Use like you would spring onions, chives, scallions, or garlic.  I snip and use the entire leaf, stem and bulb into pastas, casseroles, onto salads, etc.  Start with the leaves and save the bulbs for last, as they will last the longest- (store in plastic bag or container in the fridge.

Cut Herbs:  use fresh instead of dried- more flavor per tsp, so use accordingly.  Save for future use by either hanging to dry, or go ahead and snip it up and put into a double ziplock freezer bag for the freshest flavor.

Chinese broccoli:  Use like traditional broccoli- but use all of it!  Leaves, stems, flowers.  Great for stir fry, salads or sauces.   Makes great broccoli soup.

Microgreens:  I love to eat micros just like they are- fresh, crisp and by themselves (or with a little salad dressing).  Also really good in place of lettuce on sandwiches or paninis.  Use as a garnish on just about anything.  One recipe is posted, and more to come.


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