Thank you for your interest in Red Ridge Farms!  I am excited about our gardening venture, and hope you will join us.

As we are increasing our size, we will be offering new CSA memberships for 2012.  Briefly, our CSA (community supported agriculture) will provide a reliable source of fresh and fully nutritional food items, grown and produced free of chemicals.   Your membership in our farm supports biodiversity, clean air, and stewardship of the land.  For the growing season, you will share in the bounty from our farm, and we will bring the harvest to a drop off site near your neighborhood, and possibly to your door step.

Pickup locations:   Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Grain Valley, Brookside, and at the farm South of Odessa.  We are also working on a possible site in Centralia.  Stay tuned. 

Length of the Season:  

  • Spring and Summer Sessions this year are combined into one 25 week session beginning mid-April and ending in September
  • Session 2 will start in September and continue for 8-10 weeks, depending on the weather
  • Session 3 will be a new winter schedule, based on weather and interest

2012 Share Sizes and Costs (for specifics on each pickup site- look at the contracts):

  1. Full Share:  Approximately 5-9 items per week depending on time of season.  Great for veggie lovers, juicers, and families.  Also great if you like to freeze portions.  Includes farm news, recipes, and info about healthy eating and using your harvest.   Full share cost: $25 per week, $625 for spring/summer session.
  2. Partial Share:  Approximately 3-6 items per week, depending on time of season.  Good option for smaller households, or for those looking to sample.  Includes farm news, recipes, and information about healthy eating and using your harvest.         Partial share cost:  $18 each week, $450 for the spring/summer session
  3. Market style or Debit style membership:  this option is NOT available at all locations.  This membership operates like a debit card.  Select what you want, when you want, from the produce available.  Different payment levels available at Brookside, one option available at Lee’s Summit and Overland Park.  We track your spending for you, and will let you know when you have reached your prepaid amount.

One Time Purchase or Gift Baskets available

Surprise someone with a bountiful harvest from the garden.  Basket includes in season vegetables and possibly fruits, fresh floral bouquet, and a jar of honey or preserves.  Cost:  $75, includes first 15 miles of delivery

How Do I Join?

Please confirm with us that openings are still available.  Call (816) 690-7161 or email us.  Once you have received confirmation that spots are still available, send in the contract and payment to:

Red Ridge Farms    438 Colbern Road Ext.      Oak Grove, MO 64075

Thank you for the opportunity to work together! Looking forward to a bountiful harvest,

Jim, Ami, Anna & Andrew Zumalt

Red Ridge Farms


19 thoughts on “CSA INFO

  1. Hi Amy!
    Paula Nowak, from M2M. I found this site from google searching per your conversation yesterday. How exciting! I am very interested in learning more about your business! We are some serious vegi eaters, lol. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    ~Paula 🙂

  2. I’m right down the road from you!! Do you sell at your farm? I mean for someone who just wants to come by once in awhile?

      • Oops, house in Oak Grove. I just got excited thinking it was just that close! Lol. But I am in Odessa all the time!!
        When My kiddos get a little older I aspire to have a garden!!
        So excited to have a veggie farm close!

    • Yes we still have openings. We are more than doubling our CSA size this year, to accommodate all the interest. Brookside is a great location to pick up from, because we try to bring absolutely everything that we can fit into the truck. Last fall, for the last 6 weeks of market, we consistently had more than 40 different veggies each week! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for the interest! -Ami

  3. Even though it’s snowing for the first time today, I’m thinking of fresh veggies! I am interested in signing up for the Grain Valley site. Please let me know if available for spring/summer 2012.

    • Hi – Yes! We still have openings. Grain Valley is a great place to pick up our veggies, as the farm owner, Michelle Brown also sells homemade breads, cheeses and ready made soups. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to call (816.690.7161). This snowy day forces me to sit at my desk and work on the back log of paperwork!

  4. I met you at the Shawnee Farmers Expo and would like to join your CSA program if you still have space available.

  5. Amy,

    Thinking about your service. What kind of veggies etc come in your basket? Where would you meet in Grain valley? I would probably only need the partial basket. Is it possible to try one basket to see if it works for us?

    Mary Ann

    • Hi! Last week, the partial basket had lettuce, spinach, radishes, asparagus, and a saute mix, if my brain is remembering correctly. The Grain Valley pickup location is south of town, and exactly one mile before (or north) of colbern road. I think it’s about 4 1/2 miles south of town, give or take. It’s at a farm where they are developing a store. She offers homemade soups, cheeses, breads, etc. 11-6pm on Thursdays. Sure- we can do a one basket trial- just let me know! -Ami

  6. Hello,

    I was wondering if you still had openings to join as well as if I purchased the groupon that you have going right now what does that get me?



    • Oh by the way I am interested in picking up in Lees summit. We just moved to the area so where would the puck up be at. Do we get a choice of fruits or veggies or is it just what is in season and available?


      • There are two options- a standard basket where your items are selected for you, and market style, where you choose what you want. Both are only IN SEASON, available veggies and fruits- as we grow them ourselves, and do not ship in.

    • We still have opening in Lee’s Summit. You can find all the details on our website – just go to the CSA tab, then to Lee’s Summit, and open the contract. Basically pick up is in Lakewood from 4-5:15PM wed.

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