Buy Local! A Quick Little Thought

Okay, so we’ve all heard ‘buy local’.  But what does that really mean?  Well, according to an average of nine studies by Civic Economics, (2012), when we use our money to support a local business…and buy from someone in our community…, we keep 48% of that money in the community.  Comparatively, when we buy from a large chain without any local ties, only 13.6% of that money stays local.  Thank you Big Vision Media for that statistic!  That cheap stuff from Mr. Box Store comes with a price!  Invest in your neighbors!  Invest in your town!  Support us little guys!  Ahem. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.  imagesCAUQVL7GNow I’m off to pick some lovely greens in the high tunnel…

By the way, I’ll be at BadSeed Market tomorrow night with those lovely greens.  And some sweet potatoes, potatoes… squash…jam…pickles…raw honey…4-8pm.  See you there!


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