No More Pre-Packed Baskets?? What??

Except for a FEW RARE and EXCEPTIONAL exceptions, we no longer pre-pack baskets!  Our market style CSA program is the option of choice.  In fact, several folks who started out 2013 insisting that they wanted pre-packed baskets, switched over to market style by the end of the season.  Since then, we have a few traditional style folks (mostly because of work-schedules and locations), but most members have become market-style.

With our market style system, YOU pick out what you want, when you want it, whatever weeks you want food.  Pretty flexible, huh?!

So instead of trying to gage the perfect basket for our members each week, we can concentrate more on growing and harvesting food.  And you can STILL try all kinds of funky veggies- because we will have them at the market for you to pickup.

And for those of you scratching your head over our non-traditional CSA system, yes, you can still have a traditional share- just give me a call and we’ll set you up.


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