Greens in February

I am headed to BadSeed Market this afternoon from 4-8pm, if anyone wants a few baby greens (slightly grown up microgreens) or spinach.  I will also take a few sweet potatoes, butternut squash, small onions, and a few other random winter squash, dried herbs, etc.  We’ve decided to hold off on going to City Center Square until March 13th, and then hopefully we’ll have enough where we can go weekly.   

We’ve hired our first apprentice!  I hope you all get a chance to meet Betsy this summer at markets, or at the farm (getting in those volunteer hours…).  She comes with some good gardening experience and lots of great people skills.  I think it will be a great partnership.  She has entered an apprenticeship program ( and chose us as her host farm.  We also have another apprentice in the program who will start later.  He’s a high school senior who is exploring farming as a career.  It is very exciting to work with others who are considering this line of work! 

We’ve been planting greens this week at the farm- trying to get as much done as possible with this little tidbit of warm weather.  We planted spinach, lettuce, kale, collards, bok choy, mustard greens, arugula, and cilantro all as transplants, and carrots, radishes and parsnips as seed.  Also have done quite a bit of cleanup work and preparation for when the soil outside dries out enough to till and plant.  We’ll let everything have a few days of sunshine and then cover it all up before the next big dip in the temperature- probably Monday.  Well, I’m off to pick greens and pack the truck- hope to see a few of you later.


3 thoughts on “Greens in February

  1. Hi there,
    I am the farm to school coordinator for DeLaSalle high school in Kansas City and would like to talk to you about purchasing some produce from Red Ridge for our school of about 170 students. You can email me at or call me at 816.510.4870.

  2. Hello Ami!
    Thanks for your time on the phone today. Here’s a list of produce and what we’re used to paying for it. We are willing to pay a bit more for organic and/or local where feasible.

    cabbage: 15 head/ $5
    carrots: 50 lbs/ $17
    sweet potatoes: 40 lbs/$25
    broccoli: 12 lbs/$17
    cherry tomatoes: 12 pints/$16
    onions: 50 lbs/$20
    zucchini squash: 24 lbs/$12
    green bell peppers: 25 lbs/$36
    red bell peppers: 25 lbs/ $26
    spinach: 10 lbs/ $16.50
    garlic: 5 lbs/$14
    jalapenos: 5 lbs/$5
    cilantro: 12 bunches/$6
    red cabbage: 10 lbs/$6
    potatoes: box of 90/$16.50

    I’m still working on prices for other items which come in cases or cartons and I want to convert them into lbs.

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