Some Interesting websites   The Kansas City Food Artisans (KCFA), is comprised of small-batch food entrepreneurs, including shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen products, baked goods, packaged farm and ranch products.  Serious Eats is a website focused on celebrating and sharing food enthusiasm through blogs and online community.  Their unique combination of community and content brings together the distinctive voices of food bloggers, compelling original and acquired food video, and spirited, inclusive, conversations about all things food- and drink-related.  Certified Naturally Grown is a Grassroots Alternative to the USDA’s National Organic Program meant primarily for small farmers distributing through local channels – farmer’s markets, roadside stands, local restaurants, community supported agriculture (CSA) programs and small local grocery stores – the farmers that make up your local landscape!  The standards and growing requirements are no less strict than the USDA National Organic Program rules. The primary difference between Certified Naturally Grown and the USDA Organic program is cost to farmers and paperwork requirements.  Here at Eat Drink Better, we are passionate about food and drink! Whether we’re talking recipes, food policy, food justice, or anything in between, it all comes back to caring about what’s on our plates and its impact on our bodies, society, and the planet.  Just a great blog if you have a few moments to read.  Watch out- her writings are addictive!  Every chicken thing you may want to know!


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  1. I’m traveling to kc for a small wedding over Labor Day weekend. She “bride” still hasn’t chosen her flowers. Do you have a website we can look at with pictures of your flowers you might suggest.

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