2015 CSA Contract for Market Style Membership


2012-05-03_13-43-22_537Please click on the link below for the CSA Contract. You may print it out and send it in to the address at the bottom of the contract. Please note that I cannot hold any memberships without at least a partial payment.

This contract is for ALL of our market locations throughout the year. You can pickup at any market location, and do not have to designate which location you are coming to (you can go to a different location the suits your schedule on any week).

CSA 2015 signup


2 thoughts on “2015 CSA Contract for Market Style Membership

  1. I’m trying to find more info on how to join. My friend, Melanie Christianson, recommended your CSA. Please email me with details. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your interest! If you have specific questions, please give me a call – that’s the easiest, and then I can address exactly what you need answering. Otherwise, print out the contract that best fits your schedule– probably the Brookside contract– and fill it out. If you have questions about the debit style system- it’s basically shopping from a pre-loaded debit card. You get a discount (based on when you fill out the form and mail in your check) off our regular market prices, and you don’t have to bring any cash to the market! Works really well, and we get a lot of positive feedback off the system. My phone # is 816.690.7161 if you want to chat about other details. Thanks again. -Ami

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