Warmer Days Ahead

As a farmer, I am often asked what wonderful things do I do to relax in the winter… since I must have nothing to do??…!!  Well, we have taken a few relaxing weekends where I told my brain to ‘shut off and stop thinking about the farm’.  Although, truth be told, we probably had more conversations about middlebuster plows, potato lifters, tillers, vermicomposters, chickens, heirloom tomatoes, and water containment systems than the average vacationer.  In fact, now that my Dad (the Houdini of making all broken rusty things work) has retired and taken more interest in helping us improve the farm, I am having more of these conversations on a daily basis.  How many of you can say you’ve had deeply involved conversations with your father about worm poop?  Our days are filled with the absolutely immeasurable list of all things we could do to improve marketing, production, harvesting… well, it’s like jumping on a luge sled and holding on for dear life.  Or perhaps more like being the sweeper guy on the curling team, trying to direct the path of the curling stone toward the finish line.  Or figuring out how to throw a few less gutter balls in the upcoming year.  This is the time for planning, preventing, and expanding.  Interviews of potential apprentices, ordering of new signage, a year’s worth of bookkeeping crammed into about 10 weeks, new CSA contracts, and hey- why haven’t you updated your blog?  The greenhouse is full- ready to plant those early season crops, if it will only melt a little outside.   

But somehow we do get revitalized.  No alarms being set for 3:30 am, no watering schedule, and a market trailer that has stayed parked since November.  Time to play a few games with the kids, watch way too much TV in the evenings, construct a few marble mazes, build Lego villages, and cook some great meals.

I see that the weekend is going to be warmer.  Maybe I’ll get some of those spinach plants in the ground… 


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