Crop Insurance… Seriously??

Okay, so I realize this blog won’t appeal to very many of my viewers, potentially, but I have to share.  We have never been eligible for crop insurance.  Until recently.  Crop insurance, for those of you who are still reading, is used by farmers to protect against crop failure, natural disasters (think hail, tornadoes, and floods), […]

Brookside Farmers Market is Seeking a New Market Manager

Brookside Farmers’ Market Market Manager Job Announcement   Overview Founded in 2002, Brookside Farmer’s Market is a Saturday morning organic, local producer-grower only market located on the north side of Border Star Elementary School at 63rd and Wornall Rd. The farmers and artisan food and organic product vendors are member-owners of the market. A Board […]

Buy Local! A Quick Little Thought

Okay, so we’ve all heard ‘buy local’.  But what does that really mean?  Well, according to an average of nine studies by Civic Economics, (2012), when we use our money to support a local business…and buy from someone in our community…, we keep 48% of that money in the community.  Comparatively, when we buy from a large chain without any […]

January Musings

Head colds. Bah! It seems as though this winter is speeding by as I deal with brain fogs, sneezes, headaches, coughing fits, and a general sense of… bleh. This too shall pass. Soon. I hope. I seem to be smothered in a constant layer of essential oil elixirs on my neck, my feet, and my […]