Lessons from the Farm

Lessons from the Farm Everywhere you turn people are talking about stress.  Me- I’m learning about stress from my plants.  Wet, cold, more wet, then hot and more wet, then cold again- very wet, and now hot and drying out?  You know how ‘they’ say that stress ages you?  It is very apparent in the […]

Good Morning, Soggy World

Well, it rained again… lesson #17,563 in the gardening world:  raised beds are little bits of magic.  The veggie spaces behind our house, where we experimented last year, are mostly raised beds.  Honestly, we can plant in them the day after it rains, we can harvest without being mucky and ruining the soil, and the […]

Welcome to the Farm!

This is exciting!  A blog!  An actual Blog!  I feel younger already.  Jim and I are so excited about growing veggies for people in our community that we seldom talk about anything else.  Really.  Or maybe that just means we need to get out more? Let’s talk about rain.  Drippy, squelchy, soggy, mucky rain.  Maybe […]