Slowly Getting Started

Hello and Happy New Year!  Okay, I’m a little slow.  But! I am so excited about the new farming year.  I mean, I pretty much have to be after last year’s brutal season, right?!  I feel a little bit like a hibernating bear, although we really have been hard at work.  Really!  I’ve ordered seeds, I’ve started filling out our application for organic certification.  Loads of meetings, lots of reading, constant tweaking of what the next year will look like, new recipes tried, high tunnels are planted (I picked and ate two strawberries last week- honest!)  Whew!  I think I need to go lie down!  Ack- can’t do that- I’ve already packed on my total allotment of “winter-farmer pounds”  Must.Get.Moving.Must.Excercise.  Ummmm…Maybe tomorrow. 

So I’m working on the new CSA Contracts- a bunch of you are demanding I get them done.  Something about wanting to secure your membership spot for this year.  Crazy Foodies.  I love you all.  Okay.  I’ll get going… 




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