Snow Dreams of Spring Veggies

…veggie stuff at the bottom of the post… first is kid stuff… scroll down if you want to skip the kid stuff…

Do you have cabin fever?  Ha.  First snow day of the year.  Andrew is so excited.  And not for the reasons you would think.  We bought a bunch of discounted fireworks last summer after July 4th, and because of the drought, we weren’t able to shoot them off- much to Andrew’s dismay.  He woke up this morning, saw the snow, and announced “Fireworks today!”  Snowman AND fireworks- doesn’t get much better than that.

Andrew helped me make cookies yesterday while his sister made a wood carving.  I found her at her desk poking at a stick with a bobby pin.  I watched her for a little while, and she said she wanted to make the stick beautiful- was trying to get the bark off.    I found a handful of non-sharp tools that might be better then a hair accessory, and she got to work with a butter knife, and a handful of screw drivers of different sizes.  Her dad contributed a piece of sand paper, and she was happy as can be for 90 minutes, making that stick beautiful.  And it was.  Now we need to find a fitting way to display this latest gallery piece.

I asked Anna last night at dinner what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Without a thought she said, “I want my own farm and I’m going to plant stuff”.  What a kid.  Warms the heart right up.  Of course, she also mentioned being a doctor, pet vet and a chef (so that when you eat out, Mom, you can come to my ‘resta-not’).

According to recent surveys, farmers are less than 1% of the population, but 1/3 of them are women.  Huh.  Go ladies go.

Back to the cabin fever.  Do you want some fresh veggies?  We will be at Waldo’s indoor market ( Wednesday from 2-6pm.  Come on out!  We will have spinach, kale, chard, arugula, sweet potatoes, green onions, perhaps some cabbage, lettuce and microgreens.  Come pick up some veggies and then peruse our recipes for a new dish or two.  My faithful web sidekick Shannen has been very busy entering mouth watering recipes on our website, and now the produce is kicking in so you can sample them.  She’s working her way down the alphabet, so not everything has a recipe option yet, but they are coming!

Next, and last for today, please come find us at the Badseed Market this Saturday for the CSA Open House.  If you, or someone you know, is looking for more information on CSA’s, or want to check out some of the other producers (i.e. meat, cheese, and egg venders), come visit Saturday from 10-2pm.  There will probably be some incentives for those signing up that day… I hope to bring some fresh veggies to share with anyone who leaves a contract with us.  There will also be a raffle- winner gets a discount off a CSA membership.  More info?  This is a great event- lots of conversations happening all around the room, lots of local eaters finding great local farmers.

CSA count… we are up to 20- which is FABULOUS for this early in the game.  We may just fill up!  Have a great day and thanks for reading.  -Ami

Spring Production is underway in the greenhouse


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