Artistry at its Best

So, my daughter is a budding artist.  She’s 5.  She cranks out, oh, say, a couple hundreds works a month.  And randomly, she creates something that is worthy of a second look, and a picture frame.  She’s also very possessive of her art, deciding who should get each picture or object.

Her Aunt Jilly, (my sister, Jill) is also an artist.  Well, she’s an eye doctor, who likes to relax by perfecting various techniques such as turning a tree trunk into a windsor chair, or turning an ashtray into a silver brooch.  You know, the random work of art.  We all like to do it, and I completely blame my parents who like to also create their random works of art also (quilts, paintings, wood carvings, you know- basic stuff- you all grew up with a black smith studio in your backyard, didn’t you?)  I also blame my two favorite art teachers from my childhood- Mrs. Landes and Mrs Lamb, and then there was Jane, too- lots of shrinky dinks went in and out of her oven, but that’s another story.  My current art seems to be turning dirt into spinach and squash.  Anyway, I digress.

Back to Anna.  Well, she drew this flower.  Very simple, very folksy, whimsical, and totally Anna.  But she won’t let anyone have it.  So I gave Aunt Jilly a photocopy of it, which Anna approved.  And Jill turned it into a brooch.  Made from an ashtray.  Pretty cool.


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